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Ames Worksite Wellbeing Collaboration (AWWC)


To cultivate a community of health and wellbeing through Ames employers.



*Provide a forum for professionals to share ideas and best-practices in supporting employee health and wellbeing.

*Provide evidence-based recommendations designed to change the work environment so that the healthy choice becomes the easy choice.

*Provide education, tools, and resources to encourage healthy lifestyles.

Charter Members

City of Ames

Iowa State University

Mary Greeley Medical Center

McFarland Clinic

Join us in making Ames one of the healthiest communities in Iowa!

Healthiest Ames is offering an exciting opportunity, through the establishment of the Ames Worksite Wellbeing Collaboration (AWWC), for local employers to work together to support our employees overall wellbeing at work and home. At this employer forum, we will discuss....

*more about the AWWC and how you can get involved,

*Healthy Hometown℠, Powered by Wellmark, and how your zip code can  impact your health

*easy access resources for promoting physical activity with employees

*opportunities for networking with others who are working to increase the    health and wellness of their workforce

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