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The Physical Activity Epidemiology Lab is located in the Department of Kinesiology at ISU.  We share a number of mutual goals and it is my hope that our organizations can find ways to regularly partner together to serve the health of our community.  Dr. DC Lee, the lab's adviser and Principal Investigator for our research, recently was awarded a 5-year, $3.4 million National Institutes of Health grant offering a 12-month diet and exercise intervention to 400 community members.  We recently gained approval to continue a longitudinal study in older adults (65 years of age and up) to offer them comprehensive health check-ups for life for 300 current participants and 150 new participants each year.  We also provide free health screenings to community members and businesses and free lunch and learn or other presentations on health topics to community groups and businesses.  We are happy to invite you to visit to the Forker Building for a lab tour sometime soon!  We hope we can contribute to a healthier Ames together.

ISU  1-year Study

The Physical Activity Epidemiology Lab at Iowa State University is conducting a 1-year research study to investigate exercise and heart disease prevention.  We would like to provide a 12-month exercise intervention, $300 cash incentive, diet counseling, free parking at ISU and Health and Fitness Reports to eligible participants.  We are looking for adult men and women (non-smokers) with elevated risk for cardiovascular disease like prehypertention (120-139 mmHg Systolic Blood Pressure), overweight or obese (BMI 25-40), and not active 150 minutes per week over the past 3 months.  


We are currently recruiting and plan to start our first group in late June or early July, 2017 and will continue to add people to the study through 2018 until we reach 400 individuals.


If you are interested or have questions, please contact us at (515) 294-7223 (RACE) from 9-5pm weekdays or email anytime.  Leave your name, number and a convenient time to reach you!


Read more about CardioRACE in the ISU College of Human Sciences article below:


Catch up on past and current research being conducted in the Physical Activity Epidemiology Lab run but Dr. DC Lee here:

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