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Student Wellness
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Iowa State University Student Wellness strives to partner with students, staff, faculty and the surrounding community to proactively create a health promoting university that supports and enhances student success, higher learning, holistic development, belonging and engagement by implementing evidence-informed strategies and providing services, opportunities and resources that build a culture of well-being; empowering all students to achieve their full potential.    

Together, let’s make Iowa
the healthiest state in the nation.

According to the 2014 Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index®, Iowa is #16 in the nation when it comes to being physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy. Our ranking has moved higher since the Initiative was announced, but our overall well-being score has been fairly constant the past three years. To claim the #1 spot, we have work to do. It’s an ambitious goal, but with your help, we can change Iowa and show the rest of the nation the road to wellness. - See more at:

Wellness Council of America (WELCOA)

As one of the nation's premier resources for workplace wellness, our mission is to serve business leaders, workplace wellness practitioners, public health professionals and consultants of all kinds by:

- Promoting corporate membership;
- Producing leading-edge worksite wellness publications and health information;
- Conducting trainings that help worksite wellness practitioners create and sustain results-oriented wellness programs;
- Creating resources that promote healthier lifestyles for all working Americans.


International Association for Worksite Health Promotion 

The International Association for Worksite Health Promotion, an ACSM affiliate society, is the first global association focused on supporting those who apply themselves to promoting health at the worksite. In today’s global corporate environment, access to an international network of practitioners focused on improving the health and wellbeing of workers and their families is of great value. Such a network of practitioners should support local and regional activities, provide access to educational and professional development resources, but also allow for global collaboration and sharing—and that is exactly what IAWHP is about!

National Wellness Institute (NWI)

The mission of the National Wellness Institute is to serve the professionals and organizations that promote optimal health and wellness in individuals and communities.

Founded in 1977, the National Wellness Institute, Inc. (NWI) was formed to realize the mission of providing health promotion and wellness professionals unparalleled resources and services that fuel professional and personal growth. 

This mission continues to drive the National Wellness Institute and forms the basis for the annual National Wellness Conference, the most highly acclaimed professional conference in health and wellness.


CDC Healthier Worksite Initiative

CDC is committed to helping people everywhere become safer and healthier. To this end, CDC developed the Healthier Worksite Initiative (HWI) for its own employees with the vision of making CDC a work site where "healthy choices are easy choices," and sharing the "lessons learned" with other federal agencies.

HWI first came about in October 2002 when CDC Director Julie Gerberding asked the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP) to develop a workforce health promotion (WHP) initiative focused on the four pillars of the President's HealthierUS Executive Order — physical activity, nutritious eating, preventive health screenings, and making healthy choices.


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